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All the professional photographs on this website were taken by Robert Fox.

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Contact: Julie Comer
01304 361093
The Show Cats…

Nog won Best In Show Semi Longhair Kitten at the Bedford & District Cat Club show on 28th April 2007.

Nog was 8 months old and this was his first cat show.

He became a Champion aged 14 months in 3 straight shows and won 2 adult Best Of Breeds.

He then gained his first Grand Certificate and a Reserve Grand Certificate.

Nog now prefers to stay at home to entertain the ladies and let his children follow in footsteps at shows.

Tiganlea Marquis Prada (1 GCC 1 RGC) 

Oski won Norsk Skogkatt Society Best Kitten 2009

Oski has won 2 Kitten Best of Breeds and 9 Adult Best Of Breeds.

He became a Champion at 15 months old in 3 straight shows where he was nominated for "Best Semi Longhair Adult" at the London Cat Club.

Oski gained his Grand Champion title at 3 years old.

Grand Champion  
Zelandonii Blue Oski (2 IMP`s & 2 Reserve IMP`s)

Lily-Lou won Norsk Skogkatt Society Best Opposite Sex Adult 2010

Lily-Lou became a Champion at 15 months old in 3 straight shows.

Lily-Lou and her litter brother Oski became champions together at the same show.

She has also won 3 Adult Best Of Breed and 4 Neuter Best of Breed.

Lily-Lou won Best Of Variety Semi Longhair Adult at the Bucks, Oxon & Berkshire Cat Society on 18th September 2010.

Lily-Lou gained her Grand Champion title at 1 year 7 months old in 3 straight shows.

Lily-Lou Won Norsk Skogkatt Society Best Opposite Sex Neuter 2013

Lily-Lou gained her Premier title at 4 years 4 months old in 3 straight shows.

She has also gained her Grand Premier title aged 5 years 6 months old in 3 straight shows.

What a girl so very proud of her..

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Zelandonii Arwen
You can tell a cat's mood by looking into its eyes. A frightened or 
excited cat will have large, round pupils. An angry cat will have 
narrow pupils. The pupil size is related as much to the cat's 
emotions as to the degree of light.

"essentially, you do not so much teach your cat as bribe him."

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