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All the professional photographs on this website were taken by Robert Fox.

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Contact: Julie Comer
01304 361093
Let’s Hear It For The Boys…


Status: Neuter.....

Colour: Black

Born: 20th August 2012

Sire: Grand Champion Zelandonii Blue Oski (1 IMP, 2 Reserve IMP`s)

Dam: Champion Adecilo Melody Lolinsky

About: Jake has the most wonderful personality as he loves everybody. He was born with a deformed back leg which he had amputated when he was 6 months old. But it doesn`t stop him getting around at all he climbs up the scratching posts with ease & runs around like a maniac. He likes to throws himself at you & loves going to sleep on your lap. Jake has so much character & is so full of life. He likes to play chase with Loki & when Spike visit`s they have a rough & tumble together & tire themselves out then cuddle up & sleep together. You could say Jake is my special needs cat as he is just so affectionate & makes me smile.

Zelandonii Jake The Peg

“All cats are grey in the dark.”

Cats walk differently than dogs. In fact, along with giraffes and 
camels, cats are the only animals who have a gait where front and 
back legs move together on one side, then on the other.
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