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All the professional photographs on this website were taken by Robert Fox.

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Contact: Julie Comer
01304 361093

"a cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs."

A happy cat carries its tail upright, while a nervous one holds it 
down low. When a cat fluffs out its tail, it is to appear larger and 
scare off whatever is frightening it.
The Burton Gang…

Blue Tabby & White Female

Born 20th June 2011

Parents Nog & Gypsy

Pasha was the 4th baby to join the gang. Pasha as a baby was nicknamed naughty knickers as she was so naughty.

Zelandonii Pasha

Blue Tabby & White

Born 14th August 2011

Parents Oski & Harmony

Monty was the 5th baby to join the gang.

Monty was Harmony`s one & only baby as she sadly passed away very young.

He is very much like his mum in looks and personality and he has her naughty streak too.

Zelandonii Nannook

Silver Tabby Male

Born 20th June 2011

Parents Nog & Gypsy

Boris was the 6th baby who joined the gang when he was 10 months old after he didn`t settle in his first home and was returned to me.

Zelandonii Boris
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