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All the professional photographs on this website were taken by Robert Fox.

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Contact: Julie Comer
01304 361093
Rainbow Bridge…

Brown Tabby & White

6th March 1998 - 17th December 2005

Tigerlilly is pictured here with her sister Katrina.

She was a beautiful girl who was so cheeky and full of mischief; she just loved everybody and loved the cat shows and was my first cat to gain a title.

Sadly she was diagnosed with cancer and fought it for 6 months and peacefully passed away in my arms.

Sleep well Tigerlilly you are forever in my heart.

Champion and Premier Sigurd Tufty Tiger

Silver Tabby & White

Born: 15th April 2008 - 3rd March 2010

Sire Champion Tiganlea Marquis Prada

Dam Zelandonii Gypsy-Tart

Gizmo was a big handsome boy with a large "purrsonality".

He lived next door with Ted and loved to have a rough and tumble with Stig.

Sadly he was put to sleep due to a large tumour attached to his heart and organs.

Gizmo lived life to the full right up to the day before he passed away.

Thank you Sarah and Darren for giving Gizmo a lovely home and a wonderful life.

Sleep well Gizmo you will always be in our hearts.

Zelandonii Shadowfax (1 PC)
A cat retracts its claws by flexing its toes. This protects 
their sharpness and lets him walk quietly when stalking prey.

"cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience"

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Tortie Tabby & White Moggy

Born: 5th April 1992 - 24th October 2011

Pud was my lovely old lady who was such a sweet cat whom everybody loved.

She had been with me since she was 8 weeks old.

She would hold her paw out & tap you to get you to make a fuss of her. She always accepted any new additions to the family gracefully.

When she was 16 yrs old she was diagnosed with kidney failure but luckily for her was given a new lease of life by being put on a prescription diet.

She didn`t have to have any medication and carried on living life to the full.

Sadly she passed away peacefully on my bed. Pud was 18 1/2 yrs old; I miss her so much as she was an extra special young lady.

Sleep well my lovely Pud, you will always be forever in my heart.

Amelia (aka Pud) 

16th March 1998 - 2nd July 2015

Sire: Sigurd Oski Dam: Tarrakatt Tia

Katrina was a wonderful mum to her babies. She only had 3 litters before having to be neutered for health reasons. I always remember her first litter as Izy showed her what to do & taught her to be a good mum.

She was a very loving lady but was a little grumpy in her old age & could give you the look with them eyes.

She was a special lady & the first black & white cat I've ever owned. She was diagnosed with kidney failure in her last couple of years & eventually gave up the fight.

I miss this gorgeous girl who gave me so much love over the years.

Katrina you are now running free with Izy & you will be forever in my heart.

Sigurd Sexy Katrina