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All the professional photographs on this website were taken by Robert Fox.

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Contact: Julie Comer
01304 361093
Rainbow Bridge…

"a cat can purr its way out of anything."

Cats can rotate each ear independently, so they can hear noises 
from two directions at once.

Brown Tabby & White

Born: 18th July 1996 - 16th November 2012

Sire: Maysula Cathostrea

Dam: Mousebane Domino

Izy was my very first breeding girl who was a wonderful mum to her babies and mothered everybody else too, wanting to wash them all. She had a lovely quiet sweet nature and I miss her dearly.

Izy, you will never be forgotten and will always be in my heart, chase those butterflies sweet little lady.

Norbirdoll Wildlady Isobel

Blue Tabby & White

9th July 2010  - 14th July 2012

Sire: Hindarfiall Happy Monday

Dam: Verdicatz Scheherazade

Harmony was such a very sweet girl who was always into mischief. She loved water and was always getting in the shower with me.

She was so naughty that a couple of days after she was spayed she managed to flood the kitchen early in the morning when I was in bed. Then sadly 2 days later she passed away.

She was a wonderful mum to Nanook, who was her only baby who is so like her in looks and temperament.

You were taken away far too early but you will always be in my heart and you are missed so very much...

Verdicatz Harmony
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Blue Tabby

24th August 2008 - 29th May 2013

Sire: Champion Tiganlea Marquis Prada

Dam: Grand Champion Zelandonii Treacle Tart

Lilia was a big beautiful buxom lass.

She was so full of character & loved to wrestle & snuggle up with her sister Rosie.

Sadly Lilia was diagnosed with a very rare disease in cats which wasn`t treatable.

Her nervous system had broken down affecting her brain. Sadly she was put to sleep.

Lilia lived with my parents & it broke their hearts making the painful decision.

Her sister Rosie pined for her too as she missed her sister.

Lilia has left a very big hole in our lives as she was a very special girl & we all miss her dearly.

Sweet dreams Lilia you will never be forgotten.

Zelandonii Lily Mae

Silver Tabby & White

15th March 2010 to 1st May 2015

Sire: Champion Norskmagi Ragnor

Dam: Landsker Ferne

Melody was my beautiful loving girl who suddenly fell ill after a few weeks of having kittens.

Sadly the vets could not save her & i had to say goodbye to this wonderful girl.

Melody loved everybody & would always greet my visitors & make them feel at home.

She was such a chatty lady & the house is so quiet without her.She was always a wonderful mum to all her babies & helped the other mum`s with theirs too.

Melody you were a real sweetheart & i miss you dearly. Run free & chase them butterflies you will always be in my heart.

Champion Adecilo Melody Lolinsky